Thursday, March 25, 2010

Hah , so you just don't have the guts to say out.
Pooor thing.(:

Monday, March 22, 2010

Yawn. So what if I'm a peanut to you?
Think about yourself.
Want to tell people lies that you've ever been to
Primary 1 started smoking.
Primary 4 go piat people.
So what's the point telling all this lies?
What if you're so daring?
Why not just tell the truth where isit?
Dumb? You're more dumb then me(:
Don't say dumb.
You machiam like DOG liddat(:

Especially for you too FONGTUCKKEEN.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Yawn! Look at the blooody time now!
Its 1.47am!& I can't sleeeep D;
I've nua-ed on my bed from 11+ until now!
3Hours ley. Want die sial.
Laughs:) Met Boteo at my house downstairs at 4pm+.
I waited him for damn long can~!
Slack& puff:)
We bad mouth about somebody :x
Then 5pm+ Darly came.
He damn long can -.-
Waste my American time :x
Slack& puff awhile.
Then 6pm+ went home eat dinner:)
Boteo& Darly outside my house wait for me.
Mother ordered PIZZA HUT!
I only ate 1 slice :x
Eat finish liao go outside find them again:)
Bring my blooody dog go downstairs walk walk:)
Stupid Boteo don't know how to take care of my dog -.-
Tell him say see people pull my dog away.
No people let her be.
He orh okay.
Then got people he let my dog be.
No people he go pull her -.-
He can fan diao with me can!
7pm+ AhKoh come find me.
Go la kopi together with Boteo& Darly.
Actually not la kopi la.
Is la Coke, GreenTea& Teah Peng.
8pm go 243 wait for Ken -.-
Yeah crap some not more then last time.
Talk things right!
9pm reach home:)

Hey you! Yes you I'm talking about you! Right here!
You should know who you are:)

Firstly, say you pass to one of my friend then don't want say is who.
Secondly, say you kena rob by blangah.
Thirdly, go back to the first part again.
Tell lies also must have skill one right.
Please la hor, can have responsibility not.
People let you takecare of their thing is your responsibility.
I just don't want to care sometimes.
But I just can't! It's not mine okay!
If it's mine, I won't even give a shit about it!
Think about it man! Or should I say boy?

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Laughs, I know my blog is DEAD(:
My birthday man, have lots of FUN.
Met lots& lots if people.
Go back Hostel got cake(:
Bella, TingTing, Colleen, Joanna& Me play cream!
My whole face got alot of cream can!
What colour also got.
Got lots of presents(:
Alot of people still owe me present hor!!
Anyway, JingYi pull me to Church yesterday -.-
Then after church Michelle come find me(:
Suppose to meet my father yesterday at Suntec.
Then not enough time.
So call mummy to go to her house(:
Damn funnny la.
We went to IMM eat SecretRecipe(:
After eating cab back home...
Somebody vomited inside the cab!
OMFG la, damn smelllly can.
Lucky got plastic bag if not she's gonna vomit on my FACE!
I will slap her man!
She stinks -.-
Ask my father Michelle can stay not.
Mircle(I dont know how spell la) my father allow ;O
Watch the stupid ghost show yesterday!
Damn funnny can.
I go bathe then Michelle inside my room watch.
Then the TV suddenly auto shut down
She damn scare then go out of my room
She damn cute can!
Then I put GREEEN nail polish.
She say watching ghost show then still put GREEEN nail polish.
Really look like ghost -.-
Laughs :D
Lynn come to my house(:
Then she also put the nail polish for herself& Michelle(:
Waiting for my parents to come back!
They go to Safra to swim -.-
I hungry liao la...
Stomach grumbling! D;
Morning until now havent eat.
Laughs, going back to Hostel later at 6pm(:
No long homeleave -.-
Say what exam coming then no long homeleave
Need study ):
Next week then got homeleave.
Michelle squeeze Lynn face!
Become pig face :x
Watch the HaiPaiTianXin(:
Damn funny aye...
Nothing much to post liao le.
Next week then post(:

My BIG day: 09'March
Lastly, I'm not the bitch that
you wannt mess with

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Those days when we're together,
I am really happy.
I really cherish every moment
when I am with you.
You really don't know how much
Iloveyou because there's no words
to describe my love for you.
Having you in my life,
wasn't a regret for me.
Thanks for all those memories boy.

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