Monday, June 29, 2009

Hi little humans :]
I'm tuck keen, helping this BITCH to post LOL
She now at her father house so cant use com *evil laugh
well today we went to meet Jairus at AMK
he start work at 3pm but he very early jiu reach there liao
we slack over there untill jairus went to work
then Bitch and me went to find her friends at some where
P.S. dont know how to spell the place
slack awhile we went to Tiong find fish and other people
again slack slack untill 9pm we went home
ok, thats all i think?
aiya don't care lah, it not my blog what
it that BITCH =x
hahas ... bye bye humans :]
Sign Off Tuck Keen aka DUCKY :)

Note to Jocelyn: Bitch! You owe me one big meal! I must get back MUHAHAHAS :]

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Wake up 12pm+ by my mother -.-
Call me go downstairs help her buy thing eat. 
Take this chance to go downstairs& smoke :D
Went back home& eat. Use com.
JairusKoh call me go lan. Then go lo -.-
Play half way suddenly Ducky came with Robin.
Played L4D& Audi.Play until 9pm+ liddat.
Went up Cindy's house take Ducky& Jairus jacket.
She can't find my GUCCI bag!
I left at her house that time! Dulan!
Help Ernest& BingHui dabao thing to eat. 
Went home after that. See I so guai so early go home :D

Don't call/sms me until I've gotten a new phone.
My dog bite my phone this morning when I'm sleeping D:
Sorry Clara. I'll pay you back once I've the money
Seriously, very the sorry T.T

Friday, June 26, 2009

I'm back again people(: 'I miss JACQ!'
24th June 2009.
Went to Holland to celebrate someone's b'day :D
Slack down there& rotting down there lo -.-
Went to Safra to find Sharon at 11pm+. 
She say she wanted to play pool.
But then pool close already. sadded
Went to find Fish at Prata ShopThen go ton.
5pm+ went home& sleep. laughs
25th June 2009.
Went to IMM meet Celesta for lunch :D
Went to MOS Burger& eat.
Walked around IMM.
Walk until sian liao le lo. Bus-ed to West Mall.
Went to popular to buy things.
Went to MOS to wait for Fish, BoonLeng, Alex& Gwen to come.
Bus-ed back home from West Mall.
Went home& sleep. :D 
26th June 2009.
That stupid mouse is such a bitch
Say today go EastCoast celebrate HongWei b'day.
Never call me wake up then forget it lo. I never go.
Went to Tiong to meet JairusKoh to pass him back his phone.
He went to meet his Girlfriend then I train-ed back home.
Went JurongPoint shopping with my mama :D
Brought new slipper. laughs
Went to have dinner at some restaurant. 
Went home after that.
I'm very the tired :O


Jtyl: I love to th max ! MUACKKK! :D
- I love Jacqueline to the max! MUACKKK 
Jtyl: That I miss Jacq warm my heart. 'He went to meet his girlfriend...' Who meet who girlfriend? :O
- Hahas, really ar. JairusKoh meet his girlfriend lo. :O

don: hi jie ! long time no see you le . meet up soon !!
- Hi didi! Is very long never see you le lo. Everytime say meet up soon one lo you. End up don't know when then can meet -.- Idiot 

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I'm back people(: 
21st June 2009.
I didn't ccelebrate with my father. I don't like him.
Went to AljuniedCrescent find AhPa with alot of people.
At kopitiam order 1carton of Heniken.
Drink finish already, AhPa call us go KTV.
At there drink more! 2 Martell& 2 Jugs of beer. 
My darling (DeMei)& Boteo (Brother) drink until vomit.
Drink until 3am+. All cab go home.
Cab to GimMoh Alan house to sleep.
All of us are drunk like fuck.
But have alot of fun talking to AhPa.
22nd June 2009.
Wake up around 1+. Have not enough sleep lo.
Went downstairs to eat.
Go back Alan hoise again.
6+ headed down to Serangoon to find
So bored over there lo. Sms-ed Vincent ask him where he.
That stupid Fucktard everytime go lan -.-
Say 10+ will play finish, in the end 11+ still havent play finish.
So I didn't wait for him cab home.
I should be going home, but ended up at QueensTown.
x.xue keep calling me ton. I want sleep sial -.-
Boteo's dad came around 2am+ to fetch him home. 
Then he shun bian lompang me home(:
Went home, on air-com sleeeeep.
23rd June 2009.
Suppose to meet x.xue in the morning& I just woke up.
So I didn't meet them.
They went to TiongBahru don't know doing what.
Meeting JairusKoh later outisde his Hostel to take his phone.
Don't need run until AngMoKio there liao le. Happpy
I'm going back to my idiot father house today -.-
Think will be ton-ing& not going back. laughs
Won't be post-ing for the time being(:


Jtyl: Jocelyn(fourtimeluv), you most mushymushy. Make my hair flyfly. muackmuack.
- Jacqueline (fivetimeluv), you more mushymushy then me lo. LOl, your hair can fly eh? muackmuack(:
Jtyl: Asshole, dua me again.
- Idiot, I where got dua you?

♥ ` Cindy: What you mean by he not coming back Jurong anymore?
- Nothing -.-

Jtyl: Idiot luv, when will you come back and lick my ass? (luvluvluvluv!)
- Fucktard luv, I'm back& I'm not gonna lick your ass. I'm gonna kick your ass(: (luvluvluvluvluv!)

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Slept at 4am+ yesterday. Wake up around 5pm today.
Nobody at home lo. Rot at home the whole day today.
Going to meet Celesta (Aiai) later at 262(:
Reach home lo. Bring 2 crazy dog go down walk walk.
Talk about her& her& her :D
So dame funnnny eh can.
I've got white hair again, so many problem lo. 
Tomorrow got meeting 3pm at FARRER PARK. 
I hope that I can wake up. laughs


♥ ` Cindy: HAHAHA,th people is JairusKYL!!!
- Diao, then you tell him lo -.-
♥ ` Cindy: HAHAHA,finally back,thought you went MIA,I miss you ):
- LOl, I MIA also nevermind one. thought you only miss Darius -.-
♥ ` Cindy: Lalalalalalalalala~ ^^
- Nothing to display.

Laosu: Eh, my arrival at TelokBlangah got wat link with your white hair growing? Lol.
- Got link why no link, laughs.

Celesta: Aiai, i got things to tell U! yes U!!!!
- LOl, relax. Tell me later at 262 ^^

mickey: linked =)
- Hahahas. Okays(: Takecare sister.

Ning!: Linked you up already girl! remember!My secret is meant to be kept hurhur!:D:D
- LOl -.- I know(:

Jtyl: Jocelyn(double luv), you mushymushy. Make my hair standstand. Rawrrr. Muackmuack !
- Jacqueline (triple luv), you more mushymushy lo. Next time I see you, all your hair must stand okays. laughs(: MuackMuacks !

Sharon: You're linked my dear sister<3
- Hahahas, okays(:

♥ ` Cindy: lols,I miss him yah,but then he everytime never come back miss him everytime mey!!-.-
- Then you continue missing him lo. Cause he won't be coming back Jurong anymore liao le(:

I'm back people(:
18th June 2009.
Tio bomb to wake up by x.xue at 2pm yesterday -.-
Say got meeting at 3pm. FARRER PARK!
Faster go bathe then chiong go down. 
Alot of people waiting for me lo. :X
Got police come, all run. laughs
At last also tio caught nevermind leh.
3police car come in the end -.- WTF
Talk to us for like 1hour. Waste my Amercian time.
Walk to MRT station to wait for Boteo to come.
Tio screen again! 2 times in a shot.
Went down Serangoon to find cause he work there. laughs
Rotted at there until 11+. Luckily got my DeMei (Darling) pei me.
Headed back to Farrer Park again to ton!
Everyone say later tio screen again then jialat liao lo. funnnny
19th June 2009.
6am train to x.rick house sleeeep. 
x.xue and ning come around 12+. I want to sleeep!
Went downstairs slack. Wait for Mickey& x.wei to come.
Waste my Amercian time man! They very the long lo -.-
Reach already, talk lo. Don't know what they want -.-
I'm growing alot of white hair now! So many problem.
Cab to TelokBlangah around 5+ cause they say got taiji. 
That stupid mouse over there lo -.- shagg diao 
I'll have alot of white hair soooon !
The taiji so dame fucking stupid -.-
Waste my Amercian time lo.
Bus to VivoCity then take 188 go home(:
Go home eat my mama cook de thing, so long never eat liao le lo.
Mama cook the thing nicer then outside de lo. laughs
Talking with x.xue& ning on the phone(:


JairusKYL: wtf how come the watermelon so ex siol?!?!?! i can buy like 4 packs of cig lehs
- Cause its not cheep. You got money to buy cigg then say.

Jtyl: Nb, you only think of cig. Nothing already, useless human !
- He's a useless MAN! 
Jtyl: Hi Jocelyn asshole (luv),
- Hi Jacqueline asshole (luv)
Jtyl: Hello Jocelyn,(luv) where have you been! ):
- Hello Jacqueline (luv). I'm back, miss me right!(:

♥ ` Cindy: yah,all he think is cigarettes... I think his mind is made of tabacco-.-
- LOl, should say his whole body is made of tabacco.
♥ ` Cindy: Got people never contact me le... I'm nothing alread^^
- Your that people is who. -.-
♥ ` Cindy: update?
- Update liao le -.-

♥Jαsмιиε: Fine, i really dont want quarrel with you laas, i said all i want already okay .
- You don't Fine with me. You think I want to quarrel with you? Ya say all you want. Behind my back ka my jiaowey, don't think I don't know I tell you(: As I've said want ka my jiaowey de people, come infront of me ka. You should know more then me what have you said about me. All I can say is, I cant believe that you'll say those things about me. 
I'm really speechless(:

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

ZOMG. I slept at 5am+ yesterday.
My mother bomb me up at 12pm lur D:
Call me pei her go LiangCourt eat lunch.
So bathe then cab go down LiangCourt mummy.
I reach already, she heaven reach lo. Idiot
Waited for her about 5-10mins -.-
Went to eat the don't know call what thing thing lo.
But very the nice nice :D
Went to the supermarket there buy my dog food.
Saw 1 stupid freaking small watermelon cost 39.50


I psycho my mama to buy it but she didn't buy in the end D:
Walked to ClarkQuay Central Shopping Center to walk walk.
zzz, there nothing to walk one lo.
Train-ed back to Jurong. So dame freaking tired D:
Reach home rest-ed awhile Celesta want come find me.
So go downstairs talk cock with her& smoke :D
Evan come fetch her from my house downstairs.
They headed to
Went to The Cafe Cartel at IMM eat dinner.
I brought 4pairs of contact lense& my soloution XD
1pair cost $28. The soloution cost $24.
But I'm not the one paying, my mama pay :D
Went back home around 9+.
I guess I'll be sleeping early tonight ^^
Currently talking to X.Xue& Aulidya on the phone.
They keep calling me go back
I guess that I'll be going back :D

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

What am I too you?
Suppose to meet somebody today.
She said that she'll reach Jurong around 11.
But then she around 10 then leave her house.
So I went back to sleep first :D
In the end I woke up around 2+.
So I tua-ed her. laughs
Nua-ed at home for awhile.
Suddenly Bernardd
Sweetheart called me -.-
Call me go Gombak slack with him& Nafa.
So bathe then bus-ed down to Gombak.
Call me meet at MAC then changed to his house downstaris -.-
Reach his house downstairs. Nobody there lo -.-
Call him he say go up his house -.-
Nua at his house. That idiot Bernardd just now __. 
Not 方便 to say out.
Then he tell me he want to __ again.
Acutally don't want to buy for him one lo.
Since he promised me that this is the last time then okay lo.
So we pinky pinky our last finger :D
He become a mad dog lo -.-
Keep doing those stupid stunds.
Went to slack at his house downstairs after that.
He going ton with his friend then he wearing some orbiang shorts& shirt.
So he went home& change then ask me nice not nice not. 
Like zhabor liddat lo. laughs
Going Batok to meet mama& uncle to have dinner. 
He pei me go bus stop wait for bus then he go find his friend.
Brought alot alot alot of things today lo.
Happy happy
Have fun today ba. I think. laughs

Monday, June 15, 2009

Boy, it's not that I don't love you anymore.
It's just that I don't feel the love that you gave me anymore.
Boy, takecare of yourself when I'm not with you anymore.
Don't keep getting into fights(:


Friday, June 12, 2009

Yesterday went BoonLay with TK to find Long (QingAiDe)
We rot at the bus stop wondering where to go.
In the end we went to lan. Played for 4hours.
Everything there sucks.
The com so lagg& the keyboard not nice to use one.
The lan is dame quiet lo, cause everyone's using ear phones.
So quiet until me and TK don't dare talk loud loud.
Jurong lan more good lo :D
Finish playing, Sharon wanted to come& find us.
So she cabbed over& we smoke, slack& talk cock.
When its like so finally that we can see the sun.
Long went home to sleep.
So the 3 off us headed down to Clementi lan.
Everything there sucks too D:
Why cannot find dao good de lan de sial, Jurong better :D
Went to TK house to bathe. Sharon& TK sleep.
I the only one never sleep lo D:
Wake them up then walk to AVE5 find Long.
He went to retrive his wallet :D
Eat ice-cream before leaving Clementi.
TK mouth is big he eat so fast.
Sharon eat until the whole had got ice-cream.
Long eat until the ice-cream melt then drip on his shirt.
HAHA, I use cup ma so nothing happen to me :D
TK going to Clark Quay for interview.
Long going to Lavender to cancle his IC.
So me& Sharon follow TK. He interview dame long can 2hours leh.
Luckily me& Sharon never follow him. We go walk around :D
Long call me say he now coming liao le, so we walk to control station wait for him.
Went kopitiam to eat, I cannot finish lo so many -..-
Sit down at the river there smoke.
Sharon is crazy, she wave to random ppl on the boat.
Went to CityHall, so dame fucking crowded can.
Go play arcade but me& TK cannot catch the stupid toy D:
Play finish TK& Sharon want eat TUTU KUEH to eat.
Long disiao them say later eat already your mouth become TUTU de.
Then he keep calling TK, DUCKY. QUACK QUACK!
He fnally admit that he's a DUCKY. 
On the train they keep shooting each other lo.
I'm the quietest lo, cause I not in a good mood :D
But still have alot of fun :D
I've one fucking BIG problem to slove.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Went to slack with JairusKoh& Cindy at 259 yesterday.
Wanted to play lan but they no money.
That 死 JairusKoh use my phone sms mummy say want take money -..-
So walk back to my house& take money.
Waited for Celesta'Aiai come my house then cab to IMM to have dinner.
Went to our 老地方 & have our dinner 'MOS Burger'
Walk around IMM buy alot of things.
Bused to Cindy house to take my things.
Celesta go my house play with nana.
Meeting Long'QingAi, he say he at 252 call him to get off the cab as me& Celesta is walking over there.
He never get of the bloody cab, he went to 243 which is my house downstairs then we have to walk back again!
Went to 262 find Ahh Liang, he drinking lo. I drink abit :D
Call Ahh Jan come down then he also drink ; zzz.
Awhile more Cindy came down, then rushed to Panjang find Darius.
So me& Long went to slack at my house downstairs.
Slack until 3+ go home.
Someone lost his wallet cant go home, so no choice come my house sleep lo.
Morning his father come fetch him go home. I continue sleeping until 6+ then wake up :D
I'm still sleepy. I still wanna sleep D:

JocelynKoh& JairusKoh :D
Brother& Sister for life {}

Jocelyn, Jairus& Cindy :D

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Current mood : Fucking Pissed!
Wake up at 4+ today. Finally I can sleep for so long.
But I'm tired I still wanna sleep.
Went to eat dinner with mama at IMM.
Then Angel say want meet me at WestMall.
Tell her I going eat with mother.
She come find me instead. At around 8+.
With : Fish, Boon Leng, Alex, Tuck Keen& Jasmine -..-
Walk back to my house take my cigg& bring my dog go down.
She go chase a bloody cat& I've to chase her.
Slack at my house downstairs.
Jasmine keep asking what happen -.-
I feel so fucking pissed, I know that they'll ask me things.
Cause they keep saying about it. HELLO, its so ovbious.
Went home at 9+ cause I don't want stay there.
I found this stupid lame shit video on YouTube as I'm bored.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Jocelyn's crazy dog ; nana

To : VincentNgCheeHao (My crazy fellow BABY)

I don't know what's wrong between us.
Have we taken the wrong route?
Are we not meant for each other?
I don't want to lose you.
Neither do I have the intentions to leave you.

No matter what happens.
I know you try to be the best for me.
Even in hard times you'll stick up for me. 
I know you're the one whose right for me.
If it would be a mistake to be with you.
I'll face the punishment to be with you always.
Cause in my heart there's you to be the only one for me.

Baby, I'll love you till the end.
Un-forgettable love : 18 May'o9


rot inside the train from CCK to PASIR RIS.
It's a mirical that I didn't take cab go down.
Reach Pasir Ris cab down to DownTown find Baby.
Reach le, I can't find the bloody block L -.- 
Call Baby then he saw me I saw him :O
Then go find him nor.
He wierd wierd de lo, ask him what happen don't want tell me.
Keep saying nothing nothing nothing.
Then I don't care him nor.
Called Sharon, Jasmine [laopo], Fish [kor]& Jacq pei me talk as I'm bored lo.
Then sms Boon Leng [LJ kor].
Tell him what happen, he gave me alot of advice.
But I didn't to either one.
Sat at the balcony then at there 发呆& keep smoking non stop.
Everyone keep asking what happen to me& Vincent.
I just said ' I don't know. '
Then Erica [I don't know how to spell her name] come talk to me lo.
Then she tell me what happen ; lalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalas!
Then I told her what happen at LOT1 just now also.
Then she go talk to Vincent.
Awhile later he came then I suddenly cry. ZOMG la.
Then okayokay liao le.
Mid-night hungry whole day no eat cause no appitite.
I want to eat MAC  then that idiot don't want walk to MAC.
Wait for so long, then the person call say that he cannot come into the chalet!
Then we got no choice have to walk out lo.
Then that idiot say want eat MAC then walk to MAC.
Watch the COMMING-SOON. So disgusting can.
Then Baby keep calling me go sleep -.-
I dont't want, then we whack each other very the hard.[We're violent :D]
Cannot sleep, then walk to MAC pei 2zhabor go eat.
Got 1 BUSH of girls keep laughing dame loudly.
I bored ma so I ; HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! For nothing.
Slack at MAC then they want go back orhorh then go lo.
Then I sleep also, LOl. 
Baby the only one never sleep cause he need call us wake up at 8AM!
Then I suddenly wake up keep he calling me go sleep.
I don't want nor, see him liddat so tired& alone want to pei him ma D:
He don't know how long never sleep already liao le lo.
Then he suddenly fall asleep. 
Wake up around 10+ then check out lo.
Although we okay already, HE'S STILL WIERD LO!
Don't know what he thinking lo, everything don't want to say de.
Walk to Interchange I just said bye to him then I walk of.
I don't know if he got listen to what I say not la.
Cab back home, then at carpark saw mummy inside the car with my dog!
Bring her go cut hair then I've to bring her home later!
I want to sleep lo, if I sleep then GG liao le lo.
Don't know what time then my parents will bring her back.
She not at home wierd wierd de lo, nobody pei wo play D:
Maybe gonna go Clubbing, SHARON'S birthday :D
But I don't know what time then I'll wake up =x
I'm going to bathe then bring my CRAZY DOG back home :D

Friday, June 5, 2009

Fish, Ahh Boon, Cherie& Sharon came over to my house today.
Rot at my house awhile then we go play pool :D
Had alot of fun. But I'm BROKE now D:
Talk with Sharon alot of crap today, hahas.
Finish playing pool then cab down to Redhill to find WenJie. BertBert& other ppl.
They go SinTua -.-
So sian nor, went to slack with Sharon& Fish.
Call Reenie come out slack also, so long never see her liao le. Miss her like hella
First thing I do when I saw her is hugg her la.
Saw Willie over there, so long never see him also liao le lo.
Then after that Vincent [x.hei] come find us. He keep disiao me D:
He look like a GAY
with his reboned hair, no offence =x
Cab home around 9+. Play with my crazy dog she bite me >.<
Tomorrow going Yishun then going Chalet :D

Taggs Reply :D

Clara <3 : Haha, she use to have a square face. But now don't have already.
I might not be going clubbing, cause my friend b'day. Next time go with you ba.
IMISSYOU TOO {♥} Meet up soon soon soon :D
Jacq : I don't understand then you call me go die, where got liddat de sial.
Hurt my heart leh you =x
"Ken : Booka ._.
♥Jαsмιиε : Bangka :D

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I rot at home the whole day today! 
So BORING can.
Nothing to do lo, no cigg somemore D:
Wait for mother come back then go eat dinner.
No shopping today >.<
Eat finish jiu go home liao le.
Today is a BORING DAY!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Stupid JACQ, say want meet me everytime tua me ): I waited for her from 7pm to 9.30pm at serangoon. But I'm not alone :D I with Baby& his brother. She sms-ed me say that she want nua at bed first then come find me.
I said okay in the end she ended up sleeping at home! Make me wait so long,
IDIOT. So I decided to stay at Baby's house :D Went to Baby's brother house first they don't know play what thing thing, guess the correct number must drink half a bottle of plain water -.-
Play finish already want to go back liao, then saw his friend. They talk talk talk then say want go play carpark catching, play half way got police come :O Tio screen, the officer ask me ; How come you everytime come Serangoon when you stay TelokBlangah, I don't know how she know. Baby tell me that time she screen me before also.
Went to mac slack slack then go back Baby's house.  He's a crazy fellow you know, he can play
DOTA from 3am to 7am. So I don't care about him I go& sleep. Wake up around 3pm& he DOTA again -.-  
Aint he crazy?
I don't care him I go back sleep until 5pm liddat he come
DISTURB me. He's an IDIOT but I still love him :D 
Went to VIVO CITY to have dinner with mummy at Sushi Tei. After that went shopping. Brought alot alot alot of things :D 

I don't know when I'm gonna meet Baby again D:

My BIG day: 09'March
Lastly, I'm not the bitch that
you wannt mess with

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.||. .||.
Those days when we're together,
I am really happy.
I really cherish every moment
when I am with you.
You really don't know how much
Iloveyou because there's no words
to describe my love for you.
Having you in my life,
wasn't a regret for me.
Thanks for all those memories boy.

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