Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Laughs ... I am in SCHOOOOL :D
With MichelleNg& Amanda for some Mentoring Programme thing thing :D
Meeting Boteo later for awhile :D
Yawn ;O
Been sms-ing Don this few days.
He tell me one thing that is damn funnny aye.
Don't want to say ... Abit errrr ... laughs.
Anyway, gonna go off at 3.30pm(:
To Ken'Bitch:

Bitchhhh, your birthday gonna come liao uh. 28 feb'2010
Old liao le hor ... Can't celebrate your birthday with you aye.
Sorrrry D;
Happppy birthday in advance(:
Your com break down uh. Saddded D;
Hope you see this sooon(:
Miss ya tons& tons.
love you(: ♥

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wooooahhhhhh, I am in SCHOOL! -.-
Damn boring lo now.
CPA now aye. Slept during science class just now. zzz
Yeahhhh, got art later. I am gonna finish my PAINTING :D
Tomorrow GP starts at 5pm!
Any kind soul want meet me tomorrow? :D
Damn boring uh. :O
Mr Seow just came in :O
He's a funnnny aye teacher :D
My art teacher come more siol.
Mai siao siao :D

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

14 Feb'2010

Went to Godfather house with JairusKoh.
Then we headed down to Clementi to meet Wisely(:
Went to MOS to slack& puff.
Take angbao from AuntyLinda.( MOS Manager )
Then AhKoh& Wisely want to play MaxTune -.-
Then went to Arcade to play...
6pm headed down to Batok.
Went to Gina's house to play cards :D
I won $30+, Ahkoh lose $30+, Gina lose $20+.
Then the rest I don't know.
Laughs. Cab back home to Hostel with AhKoh.
He have to send me back :D
Went to eat dinner at Heartland Mall.
Then puff awhile then go back Hostel liao uh.
Then he cab back to Batok again to meet Yvoone.

15 Feb'2010

Train down to Vivo to watch Valentine's Day :D
Walk until my leg damn pain man D:
Stupid high heels. ( Isit heels or heals? )Don't care.
Stupid AngTingTing never buy my present!
Go bang wall la you! Laughs.
6pm+ train back to Kovan have dinner then go back liao.

16 Feb'2010

Do nothing today.
Mother come bring my things give me.
I forgot to bring come back that day :x
Then they go already.
The weather is damn hot can.
I want to die already lo.
Later die of heatstroke.
Sian sial, I havent do my homework :x
Tomorrow go school sure die man!

Boy, I am not gonna believe what you say to me anymore.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Haiya ... Life really sucks like shit man!
Now at my mother house ...
My homeleave tio cut again!
What the fuck man ... everytime cut cut cut...
Gonna kill her! Argh~!
Anyway, currently sms-ing the Bitch'Longxia...
He say he wanna die...
Don't know for what...
He's crazy man...
Damn boring lo... Using AhKoh laptop now...
Lousy man -.-
Nothing much to blog uh...
Tomorrow lots& tons of income...
laughs ... Boring man... Gonna die already...
I've been staring at the com from afternoon until now...

My BIG day: 09'March
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