Saturday, October 31, 2009

yes ah, finally 1month inside here already.
Still got 17months to go sial, damn long can.
30 November to 2 December got camp at Plua Ubin sial.
LAUGHS, Jairuskoh is going to NS soooon. 12-12-2009
Gosh, gonna miss him so much can.
December then got homeleave sial. sianzxzxzx.
FongTuckKeen, change blog link never tell me. Bitch!
I miss alot of people sial, but I lazy to type out every single one of you. :x
If you think you're miss by me, then tagg me uh. :x
Nothing to type liao le.
End-ed here(:

My BIG day: 09'March
Lastly, I'm not the bitch that
you wannt mess with

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.||. .||.
Those days when we're together,
I am really happy.
I really cherish every moment
when I am with you.
You really don't know how much
Iloveyou because there's no words
to describe my love for you.
Having you in my life,
wasn't a regret for me.
Thanks for all those memories boy.

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