Sunday, July 26, 2009

To : AhCher

Spam somemore la. Spam all you want :D
You're such a slut sial.
Spam about sex. I think you're those people that stands at Geylang.
Yeah, I'm not happy now.
What you going to do? Spam ar?
Put time put place la. Hum ji isit?
Dare to spam people blog don't dare talk face to face?
I'll be waiting for you :D

Monday, July 20, 2009

Gina :
You ones say that you love HeeHent& you wont like Marcus.
Now you stead with my ex boyfriend.
What the fuck is this.
Honestly, I dame fucking hate you to the core now
You said you feel guilty, but why you still want to be together with him?
Even he's the one that ask you, can't you just fucking reject it?
Since you snatch him away from me, I'm gonna to do that to you do.
I'll let you feel the way of how I feel.
I'll have my fucking ways.
I don't care you're his stead or whatever shit.
I'll just do what I want to do to you.
Buey ge yen, call your side de people come down la.
I'll be waiting for you.!

♥Marcus Yeo :
You once told me that you'll be together with me till the end
Because of her fucking appear, you changed.
Say that your feelings fade away from me
You treat me dame fucking cold like I'm not your girlfriend
All you do is talk to her& don't even care about me.
Like this you say you're trying to peiyang the gan qing?
I once asked you, what if Gina like you.
You say cannot be la. In the end, you're still together with her
Since you all don't want to tell me about this, I can find out all by MYSELF.
I somehow regreted being together with you.
But yet, I still love you.
I cry like a dog once I found out about this.
I said : ILOVEYOU.
I'll be waiting for you no matter what!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Yesterday was 1 whole busy night!
Boteo& x.xue came over to Gina's house to meet me aye.
I need to surrender white flag already ._.
I don't even know how to settle this fucking thing.
I guess I'll just whack that girl this time aye. :X
Went down to slack. Wait for Alan& Meverick to come.
That Meverick buy new phone again, keep changing.
But the phone is so dame fucking cool aye!
Cab to Alan's house lepak awhile.
Around 7pm+, cab to Bedok Reservoir View for songka.
We were there dame fucking early can!
Awhile more, ♥Baby& Ahsoon came aye.
x.jue, x.wei& x.yao came around 9pm.
Ohhhhh, saw VanVan, GuoWei& x.ken there aye.
Will die of hot-ness over there! So dame hot la.
At there lepak lepak until 10pm+.
Finish everything, Alan, Meverick, Boteo& me cab to Geylang do something.
Inside the cab was dame shiock.
The air con directly blowing one me aye.
The 死 Meverick keep take away my air con!
Finish everything, cab back to Alan's house again!
Gina& Hui Ping came over aye.
At there lepak lepak, talk cock.
Get things right.
" Hope you're fine with my craps, maybe I should say a thousands of sorry to you aye(: "
Slept on Alan's sofa. When I wake up, I got baluku on my head!
I don't know how I get it, dame pain lo can -_-

9am+ cab back to Gina's house.
I've been cabbing here at there the whole day!
Saturday still got songka at Geylang!
Gonna go bathe& sleeeeeep(:


'''Ken: werid quiz -.-
- Where got werid!

essa: how's my jocelyn? and boteo?
- Laughs, okok la(: You ley?

♥'Cindy: tag tag(:
- LOl. (:

'''Ken: KAU ! mine one don't have heart ah ! suan liao lah.
- LOl, put for you already nar :D
'''Ken: qingai de zuo dao jing tian wei zi
- Tomorrow zai continue.
'''Ken: ming tian zai continue.
- LOl, same thinking. laughs :D

♥'Cindy: Take care uha. " uh* "
- I will. You take care too.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Was rotting at Cyrus yesterday from 12am - 8am.!
Went back Gina's house slept while watching tv half way -.-
Wake up around 4pm+. Use-ed Gina's phone to sms Meverick& ♥Baby.
Went down to meet Meverick, Alan, Gin Rey, Ivan& Boteo :D
♥Baby& Ahsoon come around 7+ aye.
All of them said that her stund come already.
My mood was like fucked up la.
They just keep talking non stop& don't even care about me.
So I just walk off to somewhere, I don't know where with Boteo.
Thanks brother for listening to all my craps& giving me advice everytime(:
Saw Rebeccca at Gina's house downstairs. Gave her a BIG hugg.
She keep asking me when I going back school aye.
Went back Gina's house around 10pm+.
My mood turn out to be worst then ever!
Called Boteo& talk. After that call my ♥aiai.
Gave her a BIG fucking explination already(:
Ice-cream will makes me happy. "Not everytime(:"
Eat until I shuang, now my throat more pain.
Somke also got problem, eat also got problem& my eye is red like fuck, stupid contact lense.
Everything also got problem, dame fucked up sial. Die sua(:
My life is like a mess now.
I don't know what you're thinking& I won't be bother to care anymore I think.
Tomorrow got songka at Bedok. So dame fucking far can!
No choice have to go down -.-
I'm gonna go to sleep now. Dame fucking tired.

You talk/sms/msn to her as if there's no me.
Maybe I'm invisible to you.
I was so dame fucking jealous.
All you do is sms her& call her takecare of me.
The same old things, but what you send her,
I saw every single thing.
You talk to her like I'm nothing to you.
You're not liddat before you knew her.
You've become another person inside my mind.
Because of my fucking stupidness,
I don't say such things out to people,
They'll say that I'm thinking too much.
Do you know how I feel?
Just to let you know,
Boy, I've fallen deep in love with you.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I know why I'm being so moody this few days aye(:
Talk everything out to Boteo.
Thanks brother for giving me so many advice :D
Maybe I should really talk things out with you aye?
Or should I not? I'm really dame fucking confuse right now.
I don't know what to do.
Been so moodless this few days because of this.
I really don't know what the fuck to do.
Or maybe I'll not care anymore.
Just to let you know

" Baby, I really love you tons. You once said that we'll be together till the end until we died in our coffins. I really hope that you'll(: "

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Quiz tagged by Gina
1. Who was the last person you texted?
- No one. My phone is spoiled!

2. Who was the first person that texted you today?
- Dulan, tell you no phone already!

3. Who was the last person that you last met?
- Meverick

4. Would you considered yourself spoil?
- Nope, cause my parents dosen't even care about me :D

5. What time did you went to bed last night?
- 6am+ :D

6. Have you every had a bestfriend who is opposite sex?
- Yup Yup(:

7. Do you want someone dead?
- Nope, I just want myself to be dead.

8. What are you thinking right now?
- Thinking of my ♥Baby aye ^^

9. Who was the last person you took picture with?
- Gina

10. Do you wish someone was with you right now?
- Duhh. How I wish he was beside me right now ):

11. Who are you talking to right now?
- MSN - No one, now what time already -.-
- SMS - I no phone la! -.-

12. What does the last message say?
- I no phone la dey!

13. Is someone in your mind?
- Yeah, its him :D

14. Who is complaining to you right now?
- No one -.-

15. 10 people to tagged to do this quiz.
1. ♥Baby
2. Celesta
3. Cecilia
4. Fabian
5. Jacq
6. Mickey
7. x.xue
8. x.sha
9. 老鼠
10. Tuck Keen

16. When was the last time you chatted with 3?
- Forgotton, like long ago. :X

17. What if 4& 8 quarrel?
- They don't even know each other -.-

18. Who is 1 having relationship with?
- ♥Baby? He's having relationship with me. He's mine aye :D

19. Is 9 fierce?
- Narhhh, I don't know. He's crazy :D

20. Is 5& 7 studying in the same school?
- Narhhhh -.-

21. Who is 6 to you?
- She's my sister!

22. How did you know 10?
- I know him for 15years ever since the day I was born! He's my cousin aye(:

I feel dame fucking wierd this few days& I don't know why -.-

Meet the same old people at Meverick house downstairs& do the same old thing -.-
Slack, smoke, talk cock -.-
' You're becoming like someone that I used to be together with. Maybe it's just my thinking or whatever shit I don't want to care. ' Don't ask me who isit :D
Baby& AhSoon went home at 11.30.
Went back to her house at 1am(:
I'm sick. ):

Sunday, July 12, 2009

♥Baby come find me today after songka.
This stupid fucker keep making me worry about him.
Went to HQ yesterday night, kena locked up.

Then he got a stupid tagging on his ankle today.

But then I didn't notice! If not I'll kick his ass& call him to go home early.

♥Baby, I don't need you to worry about me.
Even if I've no place to stay, I'll find a way.
All I want is that take care of yourself.
I don't want you to go in.

Don't leave me alone eh!
I'll kill you if I can(:
Even if you go in, I'll be waiting for you to come out.

Idiots. Remember, I'll always love you eh :D


Aiai, don't need worry about me eh.
I'll call you asap when I can(:
I'll give you a blooody BIG explination when I call you or meet up.

Thursday, July 9, 2009


Monday, July 6, 2009

Hello Human Beings Im Tuck Keen :]
This bitch ask me to post for her
Do you know whats the reason ?
Cause she is mia-ing now -.-


ok thats all im going to post for her,
but i bet she wont mia too long the lah =x

Thursday, July 2, 2009



Jtyl: Nbcb, I super bushuang. Nahbey, **** de ley, Ccb. ARGH.
- laughs. bushuang what thing sial? relax la :D
Jtyl: &Iloveyou, more than how your kor love you. LOL!
- LOl. Iloveyou too la! JairusKoh won't jealous de ba. 

JOWENA: Heys, relink me. Thanks. :)
- Relinked(:

Jtyl: Nana is really crazy.
- She is lo. Bite my phone. D:

Cindy: hahaha;D
- hah -.-

robin: if call your phone how? the phone will explode arh?
- LOl. you want call you continue calling lo. Later got people pick up then GG lo. wa hahahas.

♥'Jαsмιиε: Lol, why tuckkeen aka ducky :X Heheh ._.
- LOl. His nick name is DUCKY ma. 

淑慧: Boo , Sister ! Sorry Didnt Reply Text To Your Brother's Phone , My Phone Went Crazy , Wtf -.- Fcukingzxc Dulan , Regarding Th Question , Add Me Msn(:
- LOl. nevermind eh. I added you in MSN liao le eh. You never accept -.-

My BIG day: 09'March
Lastly, I'm not the bitch that
you wannt mess with

MSN | Friendster
Hate Me, Click HERE. (:
People LOVE Me

.||. .||.
Those days when we're together,
I am really happy.
I really cherish every moment
when I am with you.
You really don't know how much
Iloveyou because there's no words
to describe my love for you.
Having you in my life,
wasn't a regret for me.
Thanks for all those memories boy.

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